A Note About The X’s


My sweet 3 year old,

I know you’re X’ing off the days. There are FOUR more days until you are FOUR years old. Is it here yet?! You ask. I know the feeling; I was crossing off days four years ago when I was spending all of my time walking up and down the driveway, eating spicy foods and sitting on that big purple yoga ball eating peanut butter and chocolate chips. As we get closer to meeting your second brother, I’m not giving in to the lies about how to make him appear sooner. I will probably still eat a lot of peanut butter and chocolate chips, however.

Anyway, this note is about YOUR big day. Actually, I want to tell you something about the X’s leading up to that day.

I realize to you they represent one step closer to the big day. Each of those X’s may not have included cake and candles, but each one captured a day in the life of a 3 year old I will never get back. (Enter in Sentimental Mom who I swore wouldn’t appear.) I hope we have added something positive to each of those days now passed. I hope my intention to teach you the important things overshadowed the moments when I was too quick to yell or show frustration.

Even if that didn’t happen every day, I am positive that each X held an abundance of cool memories, like when you took the fish off the hook by yourself-you certainly took your daddy by surprise! Or the day you got to ride in a REAL firetruck with David, Owen and Daddy-wow!

You learned a lot of lessons in those X’s too, like how you shouldn’t hold on to a kid’s riding toy while your 2 year old brother is in the driver’s seat. And that you shouldn’t pee in the garage, at least you shouldn’t tell on yourself; just let me think it was the dog. (Sentimental Mom is totally gone right now.) And that you shouldn’t get angry at your shadow; he has done nothing to hurt you.

Sometimes X represents a kiss. I think you get plenty of Xs and Os each day. One day you won’t want them from momma or daddy anymore, at least not when there’s a chance that someone might be watching. And even though you’ll be giving them away to someone else one day, I hope you’ll always reserve some for mommy.

X represents multiplication. We won’t get too detailed here since you’re working on + and -. I’ll just say that I pray you take everything God has given you and figure out how to make it grow. Use it to add to the great things in life and grow His kingdom, which is all about love and peace and all the other good things.

X marks the spot. I realize to you each of these represents one day closer to the treasure, but I’m here to tell you that each one actually held the treasure. I know the Ninja Turtle cake and presents will be so awesome, but the ordinary days will greatly outnumber the Ninja Turtle days, and I hope you can learn to see the treasure in each of those too. It’s ok to look forward to the extra special days, but I don’t want you to miss out on the special parts of today, like how your 2 year old brother is finally calling you Mason instead of “May May,” just as you have insisted he do for the past 3 weeks. Or how you got to hang out with Tyson during the whole church service today; one day he might be off at college and you will miss him.

I hope you have enjoyed each of those X’s. I don’t know how many more you will have in your life, but I pray that you make the most of each. Learn what you can. Enjoy the cake and punch, but enjoy the cereal and milk too.

I love you.




P.S. Maybe next year we won’t have any of these kinds of mistakes:



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  1. Ninja Turtle cake!?!? Yessssss. When they run out of Xs for mom know that dad has an abundant supply 😉 XOXO

  2. Kristin, God has surely blessed you with a gift for writing. Thank you so much for sharing it. You have such a sweet, sweet spirit, and I look forward to reading more thought-provoking, inspirational, and entertaining stories from a precious hometown girl!! May God continue to pour out His abundant blessings upon you and your family. Love in Christ, Sherry

    1. Sherry, thank you so much for the kind, encouraging words! I appreciate it more than you know. I hope you and your family are doing very well.

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