A Pregnant Woman, a Bagel, and a Homeless Man


The story probably doesn’t go like you’re thinking. I should have added the words “car wreck” to that list. Oh, and “brand new minivan”.


I have a record of ZERO wrecks my entire life (unless you count the time I “brushed” the side of Mom’s garage). I just traded in my SUV for a practical minivan which I fell in love with immediately. I was driving home in bumper to bumper traffic when I saw the homeless man. I had intentionally bought a bagel when I was getting my Panera lunch “just in case” he was standing in his usual spot on my way home. Sure enough, he was.

So maybe I’ll blame it on him. Or the bagel. Or pregnancy brain and the inevitable thought-processing suppressant that accompanies it. (We won’t even mention the other stupid things I’ve done in the past week.) Whatever the culprit, IT was the reason I missed the red brake lights that were just a few feet in front of me.


And maybe a few other ugly words.

At least I wasn’t on the phone when it happened. Officer, I swear I was looking down to get a bagel for the homeless guy. I guess there is no reason good enough to excuse you from a $140 “following too closely” citation.

I’m still mad. Not at the police, or the homeless guy, or even the bagel. I’m mad at myself for something so preventable. I have replayed it in my head 500 times, even though I know that doesn’t do any good. Besides, Baby #3 and I are ok. The lady in front of us is ok, even though her pizzas were no longer hot by the time she got to her meeting. There is a lot to be thankful for.

We won’t mention that the air conditioner in my new minivan no longer works. Or that I’m driving a rental and terrified that I’ll wreck it or that one of the kids will throw a rock at it. Or that I never ended up giving the homeless guy any food. The bagel is still on my kitchen counter; I can’t bring myself to eat it.

The point of this post?
Sometimes life stinks. We make stupid mistakes and think about them a zillion times after it’s too late.

What can you learn from my mistake?
You’re not alone if you’ve ever done something stupid.
Pregnancy slow brain is real.
If I drive up behind you, get in the other lane.
If you’re going to feed the homeless guy on the side of the road, have the food ready in your lap before you get too close.

Perhaps you can share some of your mistakes/accidents and make me feel a tad better about my own…

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  1. Lol at getting in the other lane if your behind us—girl we all do silly things, it’s part of our life experiences! You need to give yourself more grace especially during this season of life! I have done way too many stupid things while preggo and yes to the amen pregnant brain is real so Is after pregnancy brain too! If it makes you feel better, I literally forgot to get carter from daycare one day and he was the only kid left when I got the call after I had grace. Who forgets their other kid? Um me Apparently! I feel like mama of year every time he brings it up too, NOT! :)

  2. I have Never wrecked feeding the homeless but my four year old seen a homeless guy sitting at the corner where the shopping plaza that ollies is in Radcliff and begged me to give him his chili that we had just ordered from Wendy’s, ( he hadn’t opened it yet ) so I pulled up and allowed him to give it to him it was a great learning lesson as it was followed by many other questions from my son. My advice try to take something positive from it, ever since then my husband keeps mc Donald’s or White Castle gift cards in his wallet and will give them to a couple of the guys in Louisville

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that Natasha! It is a such a great learning lesson for the kids. My son experienced it a few months ago for the first time and he has had a lot of questions. Gift cards are a good idea! Thanks!

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