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One week ago, I opened a Dove dark chocolate (this seems to appear frequently in my posts) and it read: “Enjoy the childhood joys of winter”. YUCK, worst advice ever. Not only had we not had any good snow days at that point (one half day didn’t really count), but I was OVER the cold, dreary, blahness of winter.

Today, I think of the Dove advice and think “you better believe it!”

What is it about snow that transforms a would-have-been ordinary day into a magical day of endless opportunities?

  1. The element of SURPRISE!

Ok, well it’s not as surprising as it was years ago before there was a weather channel app. There is still a touch of surprise because the forecast is likely to change depending on what day (or hour) you look at the app. Do not get all hyped up about a 100% chance of 5 feet of snow next week until next week arrives. By then it could turn into 5 inches of rain. So really, the feeling of surprise still exists. But by last night, you KNEW something was coming today unless you were living under a rock. Last night felt a lot like Christmas Eve. We let the boys stay up later than normal, we watched movies and ate popcorn, we had a dance party, all because we knew what this morning would bring. No presents, no traveling to Nana’s or Mimi’s, no birthday cake, just a…

  1. Day with NO agenda!

No packing diapers and sippy cups for daycare. No trying to put on mascara while 4 hands are pulling on my legs. No trying to find Gus so I can put him back in the house before pulling out of the driveway..and then backing up the driveway after I make it to the mailbox because I realize I forgot my stethoscope. No, this is a day to leave on our pajamas. There’s something about the snow that gives us permission to not brush our teeth or bathe or brush our hair. I should totally take advantage of the time to sleep a little more since my husband is offering to hang out with the kids at 5:30 (bless him) but my internal alarm clock and my excitement to look outside the window prevent me from staying under the warm covers. Cy makes French toast (the best I might add) and I don’t have to rush to clean up the mess. In fact, I may leave it there all day. Although, I must say, a couple hours later I found myself wanting to clean. I cleaned the kitchen and dusted all of the blinds. I hate dusting. But there’s something about a snow day that makes everyday chores not so tedious. I can take time to catch up on the book I’ve been trying to finish for 3 months (if the boys will occupy themselves) or sort through bills (yeah right). I can eat whatever is in the pantry. I don’t care what you say; the calories will not go straight to my rear end as long as there’s snow on the ground. Why not? Because for today, I’ve been transformed into a child, and a snow day…

  1. Ignites my sense of adventure!

Mason is in this phase where he likes to pile up the couch cushions and tumble over them while singing/screaming “I believe I can fly!” I’m with him today. I’m superwoman. I can do whatever I what, whenever I want. I can go do flips in the yard if I want, although I prefer taking pictures from the porch and making hot chocolate, but still, the opportunity is there if I want to put on ten layers of clothes and Muck boots. The snow sparks a little adventure for my husband too. He’s formulating plans as I type. There’s no telling what he will end up doing. He said he wanted to drive into town on the four wheeler to buy ribs (and I know he’s serious because he’s already called Hancock’s to make sure they are open.). Nevermind the fact that we have two freezers full of meat that we could cook tonight; LET’S GO ON AN ADVENTURE BABY! He’s all about the lifestyle of “go, kill, eat”. I guess the excitement that went along with going and killing the meat we already have has worn off; he simply must go and get something new. I guess braving the roads into town would fulfill his longing for a hunt, one that involves a four wheeler and a frozen wallet instead of a shotgun. Regardless of what we end up eating, the best part of a snow day is that it…

  1. Brings the family together.

Today, we forget about the rest of the world, except for the 100 times we get on Facebook and Twitter. We are forced to let go of our agendas and simply enjoy each other. Which will last for the next two days, at which point we will be completely OVER IT and ready for a little time apart. But for today, we will enjoy every minute of spending time with our children and acting like children.

Sometimes, you have to take a couple steps back before you can move forward. Today, we will go about 20 years back and “enjoy the childhood joys of winter” before we can resume normal life.

Oh, and by the way, he didn’t drive the four wheeler into town to get ribs after all. We will instead have a fish fry on a snow day. Because we can.

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