September Favorites


September is one of my favorite months, not because of any new discoveries, but because of what it has always offered. It brings with it a combination of warm days and cool days. It brings football games and bonfires. It brings the anticipation of fall colors and pumpkin flavored everything. It usually brings a lower electric bill. It does bring one unwelcome thing: snot, lots of it. But we can get over that with all of the good things.

This year it brought something unexpected to our house. Remember that random plant that started growing in our yard? I mentioned it in a past post. It was thought to be watermelon, crookneck squash, and then acorn squash—all of which were wrong. We got gourds! And lots of them…

How fun is this?!

September has also brought lots of smiles…

Babies are so fun when they start focusing and interacting, which brings me to my next favorite thing: baby books called Black on White and White on Black by Tana Hoban. Apparently they are good for newborn visual development. They definitely capture my newborn’s attention.


I realize most of you do not have a newborn right now, but there’s a good chance you know someone who has one or who will soon. So here’s a fun and unique gift idea!

Speaking of newborns, I have to share with you my favorite “nursing” clothes. And can I admit to you that I didn’t realize these existed until I had my THIRD child?! Oh my, they make life easier. My first favorite is the Jessica Simpson line. It is a little expensive, so I only have a couple. Here is my favorite:

My other favorite is Latched Mama, and it is more affordable. I did not love the regular t-shirt because I think it draws attention to your midsection and who is exited to show off that area after having a baby?! I do, however, love the dresses and sweatshirt. Here is one of the dresses: can't even tell it is a nursing dress! can’t even tell it is a nursing dress!

I’m switching gears now, on to cleaning products. I am not one to obsess over all natural or organic products, but I do choose them when it is easy and affordable. I have been using Better Life cleaning products since I saw them on Shark Tank. They are made out of non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients. They smell great. Best of all, they are inexpensive. I don’t worry when I wash the floor and the boys crawl on it or lick it (because that’s what boys do). The soap doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that are known to mess with hormone levels. I love this stuff.

Speaking of things that need to be cleaned, let me share with you a parenting tip. If you have small children or older ones with small bladders (which may include adults…just sayin), you should leave a small potty chair in your vehicle. A friend told me to do that, and it saved us when we got stuck in traffic on the way to my mom’s house!

One more thing on parenting. Can I encourage you to teach your kids to give a tithe/offering at church? Most of us don’t think about it when they’re really young, including myself. Recently my grandmother sent the boys $5 each to spend on whatever they wanted. They had a blast picking out suckers and colored pencils, but they were just as excited to give some to church. They loved carrying it in their pockets and giving it to their Sunday School teachers. Let’s start this young!

My final monthly favorite is the band I Am They. I love Christian music, but I get tired of hearing the same songs over and over on Christian radio. This group has a unique sound and has some great stuff. My favorites are “Over & Over Again” and “King of Love”.

That wraps up another great month. As I look into October, I hope for more writing opportunities (who am I kidding?) and some cool/fun/delicious fall days. I am returning to work soon and looking forward to some new and exciting opportunities.

I hope each of you have a blessed season!

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