August Favorites: Special Edition


I simply couldn’t wait until the end of the month to give you my favorites list. Honestly, I expected to give you this list in July. This list is special. It incorporates things which not only made my favorites list, but things for which I am deeply grateful.

First on my list includes all things squishy and kissable: big cheeks, toes, fingers, fat rolls, soft skin, pudgy nose, and all the other amazing life things that only a beautiful Creator could make. It’s pretty much summed up in this picture.


Case was born on August 2nd. He was 10 lbs and 22.5 inches. He beat his brothers, but not by much!

Next on the list is my best friend and biggest support. In a world short on good dads, I don’t take for granted that my kids have one. I want them to know how special that is.



Hospital staff needs a spot at the top of the list. I can’t imagine living in a place without the medical resources we have. Let’s not forget how blessed we are! I am thankful for Baptist Health Madisonville, the incredible nurses (one who stayed several hours past her 12 hour shift to be with us until the end), and the most confident and compassionate midwife around.

I couldn’t possibly list all of my other favorite people because I don’t want to chance leaving any out, but I am so thankful for Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/Cousins, etc. for making this transition as smooth possible by taking care of our older boys, dogs, house, etc. What would we do without family?!

And then there’s church family, who provided us with over 2 weeks of meals! We have eaten something different (and delicious) every single night. What a blessing Cadiz Baptist!

On to a couple of products…

This a must-have for newborns. The Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

His brothers think he needs 15 blankets.
His brothers think he needs 15 blankets.

My babies have never wanted to be flat on their backs in the first few weeks. This seat has a slight incline which prevents reflux. My 2 week old has only been waking up twice each night, and actually just slept for 7 hours straight last night. Which leads me to my next favorite… (Heads up- if you’re not comfortable with breastfeeding talk, skip the next four.)

The Medela pump. This things has been used for 5 kids now (my friend used it for 2) and it is still in great shape. Worth every penny. You also need the hands-free pumping bra to go with it.

Speaking of bras, I have also discovered the best nursing bra at Motherhood Maternity. Most nursing bras without the underwire leave you looking saggy and feeling like the cow that you’ve become. This one is comfortable, supportive and gives you a little shape and lift. I wear it night and day.

Next on the list is something I could not survive without: the Medela nipple shield. Some of you would say, “Breastfeeding should not hurt.” or “You must be doing something wrong.” And to you I would say, “Yes it does. Everyone is different. I’m not doing anything wrong according to any lactation consultant I’ve met with.” It isn’t natural and painless for everyone, so consider yourself blessed if it is. For those who struggle like me, this is a complete lifesaver.

I have finally found a nursing cover that I love. It only took 3 kids and some horrible experiences to find one that is actually comfortable, breathable and not see through. Check it out at PinkBlush Maternity.

Ok, I’ve saved the best favorite for last.



I never had a brother, but I think it would be awesome to have one to protect me and make me tougher all at the same time. They may not fully appreciate it now, but I hope they do one day. I’ll let the pictures speak…

The following are professional photos taken by Laura Lancaster. Thanks to lots of bribery and a little gripe water for the baby, we survived pictures!



There are no words to wrap up August favorites, except to say that I think they will still be my favorites in September, October, November and beyond.


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