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First of all, Happy Independence Day! I am forever grateful for the millions who have fought for (and continue to fight for) our freedom.

I never go this long without writing.

It’s like going home to old friends whom you have every intention of staying close with, but life and distance have gradually pulled you apart. It happens. Feeling guilty won’t help anything. Yet there still exists the desire to know one another and let it be known that you care.

So, here I am now, reminding you that I care—even for those of you I don’t know well.

If you were someone I hadn’t talked to in several months, I would want to hear about you and your life before spilling everything about mine. But naturally, I can’t listen through a blog. So, this is me giving you an update on me, sincerely hoping you will also fill me in about you.

As one who is completely turned off by people who only talk about themselves, that’s ironically exactly what I’m about to do. So, stop reading if you’re annoyed. Perhaps one of you could benefit from something here.

If you need a visual, I’m sitting at the kitchen counter with my yellow M&M coffee mug to my right and the baby monitor to my left. I am sharing space with a few things my husband brought home from his Alaska mission trip yesterday. Interestingly, most it fit into one theme: poop. He brought the boys a slingshot made of moose antlers with a bag of “moose poop” to launch. I got a bag of “Flowering Moose Nuggets” that are implanted with the Alaska state flower seeds. There was another gift pertaining to poop but anyway… I’m also excited to try the tea he brought me, and I’m praying it doesn’t have anything to do with poop.

He and the team from the Little River Baptist Association had a great week building relationships and sharing the gospel with people through a sports camp and also doing service projects each day after camp.


Behind me, I can hear faint scratching sounds that scared me a couple weeks ago before I got used to them.  This is our little friend Oakey Jerry who came home with us from Florida. I occasionally use a medicine dropper to put water in his bowl. I think I’m supposed to “bathe” him one a week, but like I said earlier—priorities. I’m already busy trying to keep things alive.

He’s in the brown shell. He’s camera shy (and people shy) like my middle child.

Yes, we took three small kids to the beach. Can I just say how amazing they were? Yes, it was work at times, but so worth it. We also had incredible friends who helped us pack all of our stuff and our little humans to the beach every day.

Ok, not every moment was great, but for the most part it was happy.
Ok, not every moment was great, but for the most part it was happy.

Back to my current situation. To my far right is another munchkin. To the question in your head: I have no idea. Does anyone else’s kid sleep like this?!


Simple Blessings Ministries had really kicked it into gear. For the last two months, people have been lined up before we were ready to open the doors. In June, 46 people came, and we gave out items for over 150 people. Several of those have since come to a church service. We are trying to build relationships in the community. I pray and believe that God is opening doors. We are also praying for continued givers; so far, our church and other individuals have kept our shelves stocked.



Work update: It can hardly be called “work”. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve along an incredible staff and volunteers. I can’t begin to tell you all of the stories and won’t out of respect for the individuals. But so that you have an idea of what we do (and in case you missed a previous post), we provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to people of ALL different backgrounds, faiths, and circumstances. Sometimes people are thrilled to be expecting a baby. Sometimes they are overwhelmed at the thought of pregnancy because of broken relationships, affairs, drug use, age, etc. We are there to listen and give information. We give out prenatal vitamins and make sure they have a doctor or midwife. We do an ultrasound to confirm that there is a baby, that he/she has a heartbeat, and that he/she is in the uterus. We pray with them if they want that. We then follow up within a week to let them know our medical director signed off on her chart and to see if they needs anything else from us.

When we park close to an abortion clinic, we are there simply to offer help and hope to those who see abortion as their only option. We talk about all options, including abortion if they want to know what it is like. Some of our own teammates can speak from experience.

I’ve learned a lot since starting the job a few months ago. I’ve witnessed and walked through so many emotions with moms (and others). As I’ve become more understanding of why people do and say the things they do, I’ve also become less judgmental and more loving, which certainly goes along with the mission of Alpha. As much as I love babies, I have also come to truly value the moms and dads who are making decisions that will affect their babies. God created them as well, and we are there to show His love.

And I have to tell you, we have gotten nothing but positive feedback.

I’m sure I will share more about work soon.


Most of my time is spent loving on the handsome little guys God entrusted to us. They are sweet, needy, sometimes whiny, and always high energy. The youngest is 11 months old (WHAT?!) and the oldest will start kindergarten soon (don’t get me started on that). It is still nearly impossible to get a picture with all of them smiling (or even looking for that matter).


And me, well I’ve gotten a couple more gray (I mean white) hairs since last time I wrote. Thankfully, I don’t really care, and that’s a good thing because I don’t have time to deal with it anyway.

Ok, that’s probably more than you wanted to know. I think it’s good for us to share about the good, the encouraging, and the hard times. After all, that’s why I started the blog in the first place.

Happy Summer!

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