Dear Dad…


Dear Dad,

There’s a lot that we don’t know, but just give us time.

One day we will know how to bait our own hooks, but that doesn’t mean we won’t want you to go fishing with us.


One day we’ll know how to swim on our own, but we will still want you to go swimming with us.


One day we’ll know how many mosquito bites you had to scratch from playing with us on summer nights.


One day we’ll know how to mow the grass instead of running from window to window to watch you do it.


One day we’ll know how much you love nature, even the tiniest “soy-wee” beans.


One day we’ll know just how much you love chasing the creatures that God made for us to hunt, and we will love it too. We might need to buy another freezer or two.


One day we’ll know that Mom wants us to pick up the duck and goose feathers that get all over the back porch. Maybe you will too. :)



One day we’ll know how to fix things.

We might even learn some of your tricks like the quickest way to take a line off a reel…



One day we’ll know how to drive the four wheeler on our own; then you can make us go dump the fish guts.



One day we will truly appreciate your creative side.


One day we’ll know how lucky we are to have a mom who lets you destroy the house so we can do our “American Ninja Warrior” training.

One day we’ll know how to get ourselves ready for bed without destroying the bathroom.



One day we’ll be as strong as you are.



One day we’ll know how much time you put into becoming the best teacher ever, and we’ll know how much you love having little visitors.



One day we’ll know how much you want to invest your time in others while trying to balance your time with family. Maybe one day you’ll know how much you mean to all the people you invest in.


One day we’ll know how valuable it is to have a dad who looks us in the eye and explains things.


One day you won’t have to remind us to pray.



One day we will understand your faith. Then we will understand your “He +1s Risen” shirt and why we celebrate Easter.



One day we’ll understand how much you love us.

And maybe, just maybe….


You’ll understand how much WE love YOU!

Happy Father’s Day!

Mason & Clint

P.S. Mom says thanks for writing a blog post for her a couple weeks ago. She thinks you’re a great writer.

P.P.S. Thanks for including Mom on a lot of “guy stuff”. She enjoyed learning how to use a bait caster yesterday.

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  1. Kristin–What a fantastic tribute to your children’s father–Cy!! Beautiful thoughts about what the little things a dad does that makes children love, grow, and appreciate the little things in life!! I am sure that you and Kasey feel the same way about Tom and Darren as they were the dads that helped make you the young mothers, wife and the best person that you can be!! I remember all of the wonderful things my dad taught Judy and me about life, love and family!! Happy Fathers Day to Cy!!

  2. That was beautiful as I sit here wiping tears from my eyes. I miss those days something fierce. Relish every moment because they truly are gone in the blink of an eye. …I wish I had my baby boy..too bad he is 32…

  3. What an AMAZING tribute to Cy & those wonderful sons…..❤️. They all are lucky to have an amazing mother/wife!

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