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I’m starting something new today.

We all know there is plenty of bad to be found, especially on the internet. Sometimes that keeps us from noticing some of the good. To further the mission of this blog, I want to share with you some of the good things I find each month. (Did you catch that? Once a month only–I promise not to flood your inbox!)

The monthly list will include a variety of things–you may find recipes, music, blogs, unique parenting tips, etc. As you know from my About Me page, I’m not what you’d call a creative, Pinterest-worthy wife or mom, but I appreciate the ideas from those who are blessed with such talents, and I enjoy sharing them with you!

So without further ado, here are my May Favorites (in no particular order):


BLT Chopped Salad

Need I say more?!
There is a reason it has been pinned over 4,000 times on Pinterest. Click on the above link to check it out. Don’t try to make it healthier by leaving out the croutons. And certainly don’t be intimidated by the whole “make your own croutons” thing. I did it; you can too! My family gives it 5 stars!


I love this new discovery.
Ruth Simons describes herself as a writer, artist, entrepreneur and speaker. She is also raising SIX BOYS. I’m working on three—God bless her! She is a Christian who writes beautiful words of encouragement, but what’s unique is that she also creates beautiful works of art to go along with them. Soon after she started sharing her paintings on her blog and Instagram, she learned that people had an interest in buying them. So she started the Gracelaced Shoppe. I may be buying some future Christmas and birthday presents from here!

Examples of her work:


I thoroughly enjoy kid’s movies. Filmmakers and screenwriters are geniuses if they can appeal to kids and parents.
This movie kept my kids engaged (even though my 2 year old refused to sit in his own theater seat after it folded up with him in it—thankfully Nana was there to hold him!). I fully expected to take advantage of the time and take a nap, but I couldn’t disengage from the plot long enough. The story included so many themes including stereotypes, politics, medicine, conspiracy, friendship and more.
Worth the time and money!


I was introduced to Angelic Magazine through a girl I knew in high school via Facebook. She has been featured in the magazine, sharing her story and words of wisdom. The magazine’s focus is “Jesus. Music. Fashion.” It is a “monthly print and digital magazine utilizing the creative expressions of music and fashion to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We feature the real stories and creative work of people striving to live for Jesus.”

I enjoyed the most recent issue because it looks at Raw Beauty, which celebrates “women and their God-given natural beauty”. Although I have very little fashion sense, I really appreciate the message behind this creation!

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading List

Blogger Anne gives us her hand-picked summer reading recommendations. She has them divided into Addictive Series, Gripping Novels, Compelling Novels, Engrossing Books, Beautifully Written Novels, and Spellbinding Stories.

I haven’t checked any of these out for myself yet, but plan on doing so. Since I’m staring summer with an 8 month pregnant belly, I imagine I will be reading books and eating ice cream more often than I will be water skiing or kayaking. :)

Last but not least, 2 final tips from my family:

If you are in a building 2-3 story building and need to kill time with young children, find the staircase. Such a boring, quiet place provides unbelievable entertainment (and not to mention health benefits). Stand on the second floor and tell them they can only go up and down one flight.



This one’s from my four year old. If you don’t want to waste time running inside for a drink, just find a gutter.



I hope to hear your thoughts on these discoveries. Please feel free to share your own!

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