Pay Attention!


“Mason, stop.”

“Mason, stop putting your feet in his face.”

“Mason, please stop putting your feet in his face.”



Why do I have to raise my voice before he will take me seriously? Honestly, most of the time he listens really well for a 3 year old, and I know how blessed I am for that! But sometimes, I am forced to look like a crazy woman to get him to do what I’m asking. I try to get down to his level, look him in the eyes, and explain in a sweet voice that I need him to do what mommy is asking. I feel great after those encounters, but the rest of the time….I feel horrible for screaming and swear to myself I won’t do that tomorrow.


Then tomorrow comes. We are trying to get everything loaded in the car to go to Clint’s check up. Mason has been asked 4 times (nicely) to please put on his clothes, which he is perfectly capable of doing himself. After responding 3 times with “ok, I will,” he suddenly decides this time that he hates the blue shirt we originally picked out and the day will be ruined if he puts it on. Crazy momma returns. “Put on your clothes RIGHT NOW!” And now we are running even more behind because he is screaming back at me.

Patience, Kristin.

I’m learning, God.

I’ve been very patient with you, Kristin.

I know, God. But why do I have to repeat things SO MANY TIMES?!

I have too, Kristin.

There is so much repetition in His Word. Have you noticed that? I’m trying to be more committed to reading it, and many words and themes are starting to pop out at me. Wait, I’ve read that before…That sounds familiar…I think I saw that a few books back…

There are more themes than I have time to write about, and even more than I am not intelligent enough to figure out. A few of them that stand out to me include:

Love God: This is common throughout. In Deuteronomy, it is said at least 5 times.

Love people: He made them.

Evil: It is real, and God hates it because of what it does to his people and his creation.

Justice: God wants justice for his people. It’s written all over the old and new testaments.

Giving: Feed the hungry and provide for the poor. This can be found in almost every book.

Darkness and light: The world is full of darkness, but everything about God is light. I wrote about this in a previous blog.

Salvation: He wants us. He doesn’t want us to find deliverance from sin.
The body of Christ: The church should try to work as one group for the purpose of growing his kingdom. Stop bickering, stop arguing about things that don’t matter, work for the common good of everyone.

Repetition is a tool used to get someone’s attention.

Sometimes, I think God has ways of yelling at us to get our attention. I think he uses some of the events and people in our lives to get us to pay attention.

I laughed out loud when I read Galations 6:11. Paul said: “See what large letters I use as I write to you with my own hand!”. AKA- PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! THIS IS IMPORTANT! I wish I could have seen the original writing. It seems like Paul is getting a big frustrated.

I’m afraid I will go on with my plans and miss his messages that are screaming for my attention. I pray for more focus on what He wants. To be honest with you, I struggle to figure out what that is.

How many times will I have to learn some of the same lessons over and over before I finally listen? He knows what’s best. If Mason will do what I’m asking, things will be more simple and there will certainly be less upset. I have a feeling it is the same with God.

Are you ignoring things He is trying to tell you?




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  1. I really do understand where you are coming from!! My boys were the same ages as yours and I remember spending a LOT of time yelling!!! Did it do any good—NO!! It is frustrating to NOT be heard the first time!!! I am sure that GOD gets VERY frustrated with us not listening the first time!! Good one Kristin!!

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