Reptiles, Routines & Other Resolutions


Seven years ago, I drove down Music Row on New Year’s Day. Spud was sitting on the console staring at me. I remember feeling refreshed and excited about what the day represented. I can only remember one resolution from that year: to run the Music City half marathon. I was in school at the time, and running helped me relieve stress (and feel like a cool Nashvillian because everyone was a runner).

My, how things have changed. A few things haven’t. Spud is still staring at me (no joke..he is right beside me). He’s probably in my room hiding from the little hands and feet on the other side of this wall. They are helping Daddy make pigs in blankets.
As I look into 2017, I feel the same sense of excitement I felt on Music Row. I decided to jot down upcoming changes/resolutions into categories: Things That Will Happen, Things That Will Probably Happen, and Things That I Hope Will Happen.

Things That Will Happen

Mason will turn 5.
Mason will go to Kindergarten. Mom may freak out. Dad will keep his cool.
Clint will turn 3.
Case will turn 1.
The boys will spend more time outside as they are falling in love with everything Daddy does.
I will turn 30.
I will start a new job (more exciting details on this soon!)

Things That Will Probably Happen

Mason will probably stop taking naps. Sad face from Mom.
Mason will probably finally weigh enough to jump on his pogo stick. And we might have to use our accident insurance policy for the first time.
Clint will probably stop saying things like: “Those are ‘mines’ shoes.”, and “Can I have ‘bessert’ since I ate all my ‘basketti’?” Another sad face from Mom.
Clint will probably get into things he knows he shouldn’t, and it will probably be worse than yesterday when he got into the Vicks Vapor Rub and used it as hair gel and body lotion.
Clint will probably learn to not to put his index finger up when you tell him to give you a thumbs up.
Case will probably learn how to eat big people food.
Case will probably crawl. And then he will walk. And life will never be the same.


Things That I Hope Will Happen
You could call these my resolutions.

I hope we get the boys and their cousins together more often, before they all get involved in activities that prevent us from getting together.

I hope to take the boys to the nursing home more often. The joy it brings people and the lessons it teaches the boys make the trouble of going not really trouble.

I hope Mason and Patoutou become writing buddies. This is his new Compassion International friend who lives in Haiti.

I hope to befriend more reptiles. Let’s be honest—I don’t really want to be close to them, but I do want to better embrace the role of “boy mom” and all of the slimy smelly things that come with it. I also hope we can come up with a larger variety of names for these creatures. Last year we had Randy the salamander, Randy the turtle, and Randy… (something else- I don’t remember). The year before we had toy alligators named Fred and January.

I hope to get rid of more stuff.

I hope to organize the stuff I keep.

I hope to read the Bible with the boys more.

I hope to start learning sign language.

I hope to never go over on our cell phone data.

I hope to take fewer pictures.

I hope to get in a routine of putting the kids to bed earlier so they don’t reach the point of over exhaustion where there’s a fight to brush teeth or a meltdown over who has more covers. This one’s also for me—so I can actually stay awake reading a nighttime story and have the energy to say a genuine prayer so it’s not just another thing we check off our list.

I hope to make more freezer meals to cut back on rushing before and after work.

I hope to continue breastfeeding for at least two more months. It’s hard to work and keep this up. My life currently revolves around milk…how long it’s been sitting out, how long it’s been in the fridge, how much I need to thaw out for daycare, etc.

I hope to shut my mouth and listen more.

And maybe, just maybe…


Run another half marathon.

Who am I kidding?


Here’s to all of you trying to stick to resolutions. I wish you the best!

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  1. I think maybe I should run another half, too. It’s been 2 years since my last one and I need to get back in shape. Maybe you can be my inspiration. :)

    Happy new year, sweet girl!

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