Silly Salamanders

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I’m thankful for the strangest thing this morning. I have a beautiful family, baby boy #3 arriving soon, a job and a more than comfortable life I don’t deserve, but this morning I’m thankful for the silly little spotted salamander who has taken up residence in an old laundry detergent bucket on our barn wood bench.


Weird, I know. I just woke up from a dream about Randy. (Honestly, he may be a Mandy, we aren’t really sure.) Regardless, he leapt out of his humble home (a completely impossible task for his slow stubby legs) and snuggled with me in the recliner and for a couple minutes with an affection that seemed to say “hey, thanks for taking care of me!” (he is obviously misunderstood since the boys are the ones who catch his diet of lightning bugs and beetles and keep his dirt watered.)

I’m rolling my eyes at myself for something so stupidly insignificant. But it was so pleasant to wake up to something lighthearted.

I enjoyed the break in what feels like a never-ending string of bad news. I wake up hesitant to even look at the news or Facebook anymore. Sad, sad and more sad. I know the bad is always going on in the world even when I’m not aware; I guess it has just hit closer to home too many times this week. I feel so weighted down by Serious.

I’m left thinking what is my role in all of this? Jesus tells me to love. Paul tells me to think about the things that are true, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. God tells me in countless scriptures to seek justice for those who are oppressed. Jesus tells me to be the salt and light in this place that desperately needs redemption. He tells me to be the hands and feet (which involves doing something).

Where do I even start? I’m overwhelmed and small. I could surely do more outside the walls of my comfortable blessed life to help the hurting. Can I even make a difference?

I’m praying for direction and for eyes to see.

For now, since I don’t know a clear path and am certainly not equipped to tell you how to help, I’m starting with this: reminding you that there are things to celebrate no matter how bad it gets. There is beauty in God’s creation no matter how ugly the news is. He loves us no matter how many times we fail to help His broken world, but that should motivate us all the more to do so.

This is me reminding you of His goodness. I believe He is everything good, beautiful and joyful. He smiles when we smile and hurts when we hurt. He created joy and laughter. He created the silly little salamander and the sweet little hands that catch his dinner.

Here’s to focusing on the Good today, wherever you can find it.

Here’s to spreading the Good today, wherever you can spread it.

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