Tonight, we celebrate you.


Tonight, we celebrate you.

We celebrate you as we wait on you.

We celebrate your life that has already begun. Actually, it began months ago when a miraculous chain of events started unfolding and all of your cells started traveling to their designated places and following instructions that could only be given by One much more intelligent than you or me. It’s the same One who created the rain that’s pouring down in the yard right now, nurturing the random squash plant that popped up (unplanned) and the other forms of life which don’t have to prove their existence.

But you, you aren’t seen as a life just yet…at least not to some. But you are. The only thing preventing you from seeing this pre-birthday cake is a small amount of fluid and tissue.

Some believe you’ve only been a life for a few months, but we know different.

You are so alive and have been since day 1.

We can see the outline of your foot. We don’t need you on the outside to know you’re real and have been since before that foot started kicking.

Tonight, we celebrate you.

We have celebrated you since your life started, but your Maker has celebrated you even longer, since before your physical body started forming.

You are special. You are alive. And you are so loved.

We can’t wait to see your face that has been fearfully and wonderfully made.

Until then, we will enjoy this cake.

Your earthly family who already believes in the value of your life


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