The Announcement


Who doesn’t love to share fun news? There’s something about being the one with the undisclosed secret that is so thrilling, yet given the right circumstances we will quickly release the words that are begging to be set free.

There’s the risk, the possibility that the good news may change to bad/sad/upsetting news down the road.

Then there’s the little tinge of guilt that comes with knowing that others may not have any good news, and that your news will deepen their despair. But even still, good news needs to be shared.

Then there’s the element of surprise. We have become slightly addicted to how we share news.

Social media has forced us non-creative folks to reach deep into our brains to come up with something that’s just a little bit different than that of the person above or below us on the newsfeed.

But regardless of the creativity score, good news will always invoke countless “likes” because the beauty of community is that, no matter how creative you are in your announcement, good news is, well, GOOD! And it is human nature to celebrate goodness with each other. What a beautiful thing it is to share joy.

Getting our kids to make an announcement for us is a bit ridiculous. It turns us into crazy people who jump up and down, make stupid faces and say things like “tootie” or “silly billy” just to capture the perfect faces.


Poor kids don’t even know what they’re announcing.


But it’s so worth it when you finally get the perfect one!

And like I said before, what a beautiful thing it is to share joy,

Especially the joy of new life…


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  1. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! Anderson family keeps growing by leaps and bounds!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you told us!!!!!! And both you and Kasey expecting in 2016 WOW what a WONDERFUL YEAR IT WILL BE!!!!!!! Really miss seeing you!!!!!!

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