Things That Shouldn’t Be Blue


Messes were expected; blue poop was not one of them.

Yep, you read it right: blue poop.

We have proven the theory that cake icing will turn poop colors. “We” meaning most of my household and several of our friends and likely a few more who haven’t felt the need to share their discovery. Or maybe they are still google searching “blue poop” to figure out if they have some sort of deadly disease. Silent friends, you can discontinue the search. Your diagnosis is: Overindulgence of Jake the Pirate’s Ocean on the 3 year old’s cake.


You are what you eat. If that is true, we have drastically changed our body compositions over the course of 3 days. We are now made up of: chips, ice cream, cookie dough, fruit, hot dogs, fried fish, french fries, hush puppies, Capri Suns, and lots of buns (French buns to be exact, that is another story altogether).

While my body probably hasn’t been changed for the better, my mind certainly has. In addition to the unhealthy food, I have also ingested significant amounts of hugs, giggles, kisses, sounds of “vrooming” cars and baby “goo’s”, story swapping, encouragement, picture-taking, and memory-making. And the refreshment that comes from that completely outweighs the recuperation that will no doubt last for the next 5 days.

Our kids are creating bonds with other kids. What a neat thing to witness! Except when it is your son who is teaching the other kids to throw things on the roof and to call everything “deedie weedie”. Don’t ask. My point is, we enjoy giving them an environment where they can learn what it means to interact and enjoy life together.


But how can we expect them to develop loving, fun, healthy relationships if we don’t model that behavior? My husband and I are so fortunate to have so many friends who can help us in that venture. None of our relationships are perfect; they are always works in progress. But these are people we can call on for honest opinions about things that don’t really matter like paint color or for more serious things like prayer when our son is having surgery. And you know what is an added bonus (or should I say “icing on the cake”)? They bring out the kids in us. They make us ok with staying up until 11:30 even though we know we will have to get up at 6. They are just that much FUN.

And how do we know what fun is? Because we’ve held hands through the not-so-fun times like job losses, miscarriages, family fallouts, and medical problems. We’ve invested in each other when it wasn’t convenient. Making time for each other is not always easy. Sometimes showing love and respect isn’t easy if we don’t agree on things. But if we keep focused on what binds us together in the first place (love for God and each other), the hard times aren’t as hard or as frequent. We are guaranteed to screw up on multiple occasions, but true friends will forgive and continue to encourage each other in love.


Just as our bodies are what we give them, our relationships are also the result of what we put into them. We can’t expect a great relationship to form without feeding it love, respect and time.

Not every weekend can be filled with cake and laughs and sleeping in uncomfortable spaces, but we are thankful for the ones that are. We are thankful for the friends who share life with us. We are thankful that they let their kids share blankets, scooters and sippy cups with our kids, even though sometimes it results in sleep-deprived tantrums and stain-producing bodily products.


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  1. Hahaha! I truly laughed from the inside out. So true so true. David and I pretty much had the same conversation you just wrote on the way home. We love you guys from the blue poop to all the pretty stuff too

    1. FIRST of all–Happy 3rd Birthday to sweet Mason!! Hard to believe he is already 3!! You are very fortunate to have GOOD friends!! I have friends that we go back to primary school and we keep in touch almost every day!! Good friends are the ones that have your back when you are not there, stay loyal to you when they would maybe rather not get involved, and not take sides against you when you are troubled. I am sure we have all had friends that are just called “:fair weather friends” .
      . When things are good and you can be of use to them—they are there!! When things are not so good and they have no use for you any longer–they are gone! I really hope you and Cy will never have friends like that and Clint and Mason will not either!! A friend is someone you find joy in and does not take advantage of you when you most need their friendship!! I feel like I could write a book on friends, as I have lived 72 yrs and had MANY good friends and some who disappointed and hurt me terribly!! Choose your friends carefully and at the end of the day if you can couny really good, loving, caring, friends on one hand, you are very fortunate!!!

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