To the kids living with Pregnant Mom


To the kids living with Pregnant Mom:

She will come back, I promise. Real Mom will return. The mom who doesn’t fall asleep on page 3 of the book that you’ve waited patiently for her to read. The mom who doesn’t fall asleep on your bed in the middle of the nighttime prayer while praying for “all the knights in the world” who you insist be on our list. The mom who doesn’t fall asleep at the kitchen table while you’re trying to make a playdoh caterpillar.

Pregnant Mom really does want to jump on the trampoline with you, but her bladder simply won’t allow it. No guarantee that Real Mom will be able to either once she returns. It’s the same reason she is scared to sneeze.

Pregnant Mom wants so bad to make your favorite ground deer/Prego spaghetti. You may have noticed that she wasn’t at the dinner table last night after she made it. I hope you enjoyed it. It may be a while before you see it again.

Pregnant Mom wants to take you to the grocery with her, but she kindly requests that you not lift up her shirt and ask why she can’t button her pants next time you go. If you have a question about her appearance, please be kind and whisper it in her ear.

Pregnant Mom doesn’t want you to worry when she bursts into tears when you tell her that you learned that Baby Moses’ mom had to put him in a basket of weeds in the river. Don’t be offended that she can’t put that craft on the fridge. Don’t be confused when she wipes away tears when an old Pam Tillis song comes on the radio-really, she doesn’t know why she’s crying either.

Pregnant Mom doesn’t want you to think that you will throw up if you brush your teeth. That’s why she locks you out of the bathroom when she brushes hers. On that note, please please please brush your teeth, and don’t be upset if she makes you look at the ground when she’s holding you in the mornings.

In the meantime, you seem to be enjoying the extra cartoon time that Real Mom tried to limit. You’ve gotten to add on to your couch & kitchen chairs fort for 3 days now without anyone telling you to put the furniture back. If there are any milk cups left in there, please put them in the sink today.

Pregnant Mom is sorry you had to go without underwear today. She promises to do a load of laundry today.

When Real Mom returns, she will be so excited to sit on the floor and build blocks with you. She will be able to drink the coffee that makes her less grouchy in the mornings that Pregnant Mom can’t drink. She will return your favorite book about the goat who eats bread dough and then has an awful tummy ache.

She may look a little different. She will probably have more dark blue lines on her lower legs and behind her knees that you have already pointed out several times. At least her legs might be smooth again and not “ouchy”. She will certainly have a few more white hairs on her head. I have a feeling you will love her regardless.

When the “Pregnant” part is over, Real Mom will return with a new bundle of love. But don’t be mistaken, she will not give away her love for you. In fact, she will love you even more than she did before.

She will be proud of the siblings that you will be (that is, if Pregnant Mom didn’t ruin you).

Mom thanks you for your patience and unconditional love during her time of sickness, fatigue, and change.

She loves you so much.

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